Chase Cooling Systems Announces Display of NEW QBL Chiller at FABTECH 2022

Chase Cooling Systems announces its participation in Fabtech 2022 in Atlanta, GA November 8-10, 2022. FABTECH is the North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event.

This year Chase Cooling Systems will display a chiller unit from the QBL Series. The chiller and Chase Cooling Systems representatives will be in Booth B7948. The display unit, the QBL017-R, is an expansion of the QBL Series. The QBL017-R caters itself to the cooling needs of the laser industry. It provides just under 6 tons of cooling and has pump flows of 12.9 and 0.5 gallons per minute.

The entire QBL Series ranges from 2 tons to 17.5 tons of cooling capacity. Every unit in the series comes equipped with two independent cooling circuits; each has its own pump. One circuit can cool the laser optics and one can cool the laser source. The series’ compact footprint allows users to get more out of a single unit. Each cooling circuit is fully independent of the other and allows users to set each to different temperatures.

“We are quite excited to introduce this new laser specific chiller to the expanding laser marketplace,” says Chip Miller, sales manager at Chase Cooling Systems. “Chase Cooling Systems’ range of sizes and history of reliability will make this chiller a great option for so many OEMs and end users.”

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