About Us

Chase Cooling Systems supplies quality industrial chiller equipment to serve all of your company needs. With fluid chillers of varying sizes, heat pumps, dry coolers, filters, and heat exchanges, we have the unique ability to service every component of your process cooling needs. With materials sourced from Italy and company headquarters near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our chillers and equipment are made to be shipped across the United States.

What makes Chase Cooling Systems stand out is our commitment to you, our customers. We rely on the expertise of our in-house engineering staff to answer questions and cater to the needs of your particular process. Regardless of your specifications, together we will be able to create a solution for you.

System Analysis

Dedicated engineering staff available for your specific needs

Expert Technicians

Highly trained individuals to service your system skillfully

Personalized Consulting

Working with you to ensure the best match for your process needs

On-Call Support

24-hour helpline for any and all emergency needs

Reliable Results

Hundreds of satisfied customers depend on Chase Chillers

Serving Multiple Locations

Headquartered outside Pittsburgh, PA, shipping throughout the USA

Our Promise

Choosing us will always mean taking the smooth, reliable, quality option. Our products will be sure to last, allowing for your processes to continue undeterred, and you to focus on other concerns. At Chase Cooling Systems our goal is to make the best equipment to keep your system running cool.