Water-Cooled Thermochillers

The TGR Series is a water-cooled combination chiller with an optional heater. Available in multiple configurations including single and dual temperature zone. With integrated free-cooling and customizable P4 or P6 pumps, it is a great option for a variety of processes. The 3-way mixing valve allows the unit to intercept and mix heat transfer fluids from the heating and cooling system to either mix or divert the flow and best control temperatures. Each unit uses environmentally friendly R513A refrigerant and are engineered with integrated free-cooling to achieve the maximum energy savings.

Diagram of TGR Series Single Zone Configuration
TGR Series Thermochiller

TGR Series Benefits

    Looking for an energy efficient, environmentally friendly thermochiller? The TGR Series is what you need. Other benefits include:
  • High, constant and increasing productivity
  • Optimization of the overall process performance
  • Reduction of cycle times and perfect repeatability
  • Improvement of the cooling precision
  • Quality of the molded components
  • Energy saving
  • Friendly maintenance
  • Small footprint

Available Models

  • TGR008
  • TGR012
  • TGR017
  • TGR021
  • TGR021
  • TGR030
  • TGR035
  • TGR048
  • TGR060


→ Manufactured in compliance with international standards (EN 60204-1) using UL components
→ Disconnect switch with door lock prevents access to panel when energized

→ Watertight door prevents access to the electronic controls

→ Circuit breakers for compressor, fans, pumps, and tank heater
→ Contacts for remote ON/OFF operation and remote alarm indication
→ Phase sequence relay


→ Multiple controller parameters access levels
(User / Service / Manufacturer)
→ Automatic management of cooling, heating and free cooling functions
→ Integrated display with clear icons for a real time monitoring of the TGR operations and any alarm status, recording up to the last 20 faults occurred
→ RS485 MODBUS RTU protocol communication
→ Remote Start / Stop – Remote General alarm


The activity of the TGR thermo-chiller is based on a vapor compression cycle implemented in the chiller circuit and made up of these components:

    • Evaporator
    • Compressor
    • Condenser
    • Electronic Expansion Valve
    • Electronic Hot Gas Bypass Valve

The TGR Series can also work in free cooling mode when the return water temperature from the central cooling system (condensation side) is cold enough to satisfy the user water setpoint and it consequently allows to switch off the refrigerating compressor for energy savings.

Diagram of TGR Series Dual Zone Configuration


  • Every model tested with full load!
  • Additional tests include:
  •  Correct components assembly
  • Pressing of refrigerating circuit and for leak by means of a leak-finder
  • Pressing of hydraulic circuit
  • Electrical safety tests in compliance with European standards
  • Check of correct functioning of protections and safety devices
  • Check of correct functioning of the electronic controller
  • Thermal performance and electric quantities measurement
  • Final sniffer leak detection