Made with Breweries in Mind

Chase Cooling Systems’ brewery specific units have cooling capacities up to 4 tons based on glycol temperatures typically required for brewing processes. Larger capacities may be available upon request. The plug-and-play design comes preassembled with all necessary adjustments already made and is ready for installation & startup upon delivery. The package includes a standardized pump and compressor.

Standard construction on these glycol chillers includes a powder-coated galvanized steel cabinet, microprocessor temperature controller, and all necessary instrumentation and safety devices. An optional stainless-steel cabinet provides enhanced corrosion protection and cohesion with other common brewery equipment.


Brewery Specific Modifications

  • Fluid circuit configured with warm tank to minimize back pressure on brewing equipment
  • Insulated fluid hoses to minimize sweating
  • Controller programming adjustments for proper customizable temperature control
  • Low pressure safety switch selection for system protection
  • Thermal expansion valve (TXV) adjustment to maintain proper superheat
  • Can accommodate glycol concentrations up to 50%

Modifications make these units appropriate for low glycol temperatures and satisfy most brewery requirements. Further customization may be available. Contact a Chase Cooling Systems representative with your requirements for more information.


  • Manufactured with high-quality materials following rigorous brazing procedures and conforming to international standards (PED 97/23/EC)
  • Environmentally friendly R407C refrigerant
  • Refrigerant sight glass with moisture indicator (BR-QBE009-025) and filter-dryer
  • Externally equalized thermostatic expansion valve
  • High and low pressure switches
  • High and low pressure gauges (BR-QBE009-025)
  • High and low pressure access fittings for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Optional Hot Gas Bypass Valve for highly accurate control of outlet fluid temperature


  • Hermetic compressors (scroll, rotary, or reciprocating) chosen for reliability and efficiency
  • Mounted on rubber isolators for noise reduction
  • Scroll compressors are especially quiet and can handle liquid return without damage
  • Three-phase models are protected against reverse rotation by an electronic phase monitor
  • Crankcase heater prevents liquid slugging on start-up


  • Copper coaxial evaporators are especially reliable when dealing with contaminated fluids
  • Stainless steel, brazed plate evaporators (BR-QBE009-025) are compact and highly efficient
  • Evaporators are protected against freezing by the microprocessor controller


  • Microchannel design is compact and highly efficient
  • All-aluminum construction eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion
  • Epoxy-coated for corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments
  • Cleanable, stainless steel air filter (standard on BR-QBE009-025, optional on BR-QBE003-007)
  • Condenser fan motor includes internal, self-resetting thermal protector


  • Manufactured in compliance with international standards (EN 60204) using UL-recognized components
  • Electrical cabinet constructed of powder-coated galvanized steel
  • Disconnect switch with door lock prevents access to panel when energized (BR-QBE009-025)


  • Optimizes unit performance and maintains fluid temperature
  • Controls and displays the fluid temperature
  • Turns the compressor on and off while protecting against short cycling
  • Turns the pump and condenser fan on and off
  • Protected by a watertight cover
  • Displays key operating parameters and the following alarm conditions
    • High and low refrigerant pressure
    • Low fluid differential pressure (BR-QBE009-025)
    • Low fluid level
    • Incorrect phase sequence (BR-QBE009-025)
    • Compressor, pump, or fan motor protector tripped (BR-QBE009-025)
    • Temperature probe failure
    • High fluid temperature
    • Evaporator anti-freeze


    • Standard cabinet frame and panels are powder-coated
    • Optional Stainless Steel Cabinet
    • Panels are easily removed, providing convenient access for maintenance and repair
    • All fasteners are stainless or zinc-plated steel for corrosion resistance
    • Protection to IP44 standard on three-phase models
    • For ease of installation all models include lifting eyes; BR-QBE009-025 also have lifting holes in the base
    • Wheel kits are available for all models
    • Designed for ease of operation and maintenance
    • Some models suitable for outdoor installation


  • Pressurization and helium leak detection of refrigeration circuit
  • Pressurization and leak testing of fluid circuit
  • Chiller performance and power consumption at full load
  • Proper operation of all controls, safety devices, and alarms
  • Electrical tests according to international standards (EN 60204)
QBE chiller


  • Standard insulated plastic tank (unpressurized)
  • Optional pressurized tank
  • Tank includes fill port, drain valve, level gauge, and level sensor
  • Insulated, non-ferrous centrifugal pump and fluid circuit minimizes corrosion
  • Fluid bypass protects pump from damage if chiller inlet and outlet are closed
  • Fluid differential pressure switch (BR-QBE009-025) protects against low-flow condition
  • Fluid pressure gauge (pump discharge)
  • Ability to use glycol mixtures up to 50%