For Short- Or Long-Term Needs

Chase Cooling Systems provides rental equipment to satisfy short- or long-term requirements for commercial or industrial cooling. We provide expert engineering, maintenance, and support staff to assist with a smooth transition. Whether your need for a rental chiller is weeks away or you have an emergency situation, contact us today to get the process started.

Chase Cooling Systems maintains an inventory of rental chillers with cooling capacities ranging from ½ to 40 tons. Our in-house engineering staff will select the optimum size unit to meet your cooling requirements.

Rental chillers are most commonly needed in the following scenarios.

  • Planned shutdown or equipment failure – Keep your process or production line going when your existing chiller is out of service, due to a planned or unplanned event, with a rental unit from Chase Cooling Systems.
  • Supplemental cooling required – A rental chiller can provide additional cooling during temporary periods of reduced performance from your existing equipment or to meet increased production demands.
  • Capital limitations – To reduce your company’s upfront costs, a rental contract can be configured as “rent-to-own.” Contact us for additional details.

For more information on renting a chiller from Chase Cooling Systems, contact us today.

Chiller Rentals