Staying cool

Chase Cooling Systems are depended upon to serve the process cooling needs of a wide variety of industries, and are selected due to their advanced designs which are focused on energy efficiency, reduction of water consumption, reduced maintenance, and improved reliability of both the cooling system and the processes and equipment it serves. Backed by experienced technical staff, our flexible, adaptable cooling systems can be easily configured to meet the exacting needs of most industries, including the following:

Heat is an enemy to machine reliability, tooling life, and precision part tolerances. Nearly all metal forming, cutting, and joining operations create heat that must be removed for optimum operation. Chase Cooling Systems are well suited to cooling these applications, including:

  • Machine Tools and Fluids
    • CNC Lathes and Mills or Grinders
  • Welders or Spot Welders
    • Laser Welders
  • Cutting
    • Laser
    • Plasma
    • Water Jet
  • Induction Furnaces

Suggested products: QBS, QBE, CWT

Chilled water is essential for plastic and rubber production. It is used to cool everything from hydraulics to molds to furnaces, ensuring that equipment is cooled and parts are properly shaped and cured. Whether you have a need for central plant chillers, point of use units, or both, Chase Cooling Systems has a plastic and rubber processing solution, including:

  • Molds
  • Extruders
  • Hydraulic Units
  • Infrared Furnaces

Suggested products: TGR, CWT, CWB,

Proper temperature is critical for many food processing operations, as well as food safety concerns. Whether cooling food machinery, products, or refrigerated spaces, Chase Cooling Systems has equipment suited to many processes, including:

  • Molds
  • Alcohol Production
    • Breweries
    • Wineries
    • Distilling
  • Packaging Equipment

Suggested products: QBE, CWE/HWE

To make strong, lasting concrete, temperature control is important. The batch water must be just right in order to properly hydrate and arrive onsite in a usable condition. In certain climates heating may even be needed. Luckily, Chase Cooling Systems has available options!

Suggested products: QBE, CWE/HWE

Whether in the pharmaceutical, chemical, or medical arena, temperature is often a critical factor. Maintaining the perfect reaction temperature or establishing reliable diagnostic conditions for images, Chase Cooling Systems offers solutions for

  • MRI Machines
  • CT Scanners
  • Vapor Condensing / Recovery
  • Jacketed Vessels & Reactors
  • Heat Exchangers

Suggested products: CWE/HWE, CWB

Breweries and Wineries require tight and controlled temperatures in order to reach a consistent tasting final product. Trust our equipment to service your needs for:

  • Nano-Breweries
  • Micro-Breweries
  • Large Scale Industrial Breweries
  • Wineries

Suggested products: QBE, CWE/HWE, MWC

Whether office space, precision manufacturing, or climate controlled storage, many interior spaces are more easily cooled with chilled water than direct expansion refrigeration or long runs of ductwork. Chase Cooling Systems has industrial quality process coolers suitable for this application as well as models tailored to meet basic air conditioning requirements in a cost effective manner.

Suggested products: CFT

Chillers can be modified to meet specific needs. Remove the heat from laser applications to continue operating at a smooth, safe level. Regardless of set-up, our chillers fit applications such as:

  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Cutting
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Optics Circuits

Suggested products: ACW, QBS, QBE, Laser Series