Tire Valve Manufacturer Uses Chase Chillers to Power Cooling System

At Chase Cooling Systems, we value the individuality of each of our customers. They have different demands with varying conditions. All of it matters to us when we are designing the best cooling system. Recently, we assisted a leading tire valve manufacturer in establishing consistent cooling in their new facility.

During the manufacturing process, the product may be subject to very high temperatures, mostly centered in the brazing furnaces. The brazing furnaces melt and mold the raw materials as needed. The high heat is crucial to create the best final product. However, equally important is the system’s ability to rid itself of this heat.

That’s why the cooling system is so critical! To provide cooling to brazing furnaces, the facility chose to use a unit from our CWE series. The chiller provides chilled water at 55°F temperature to the cooling tunnels immediately following the three brazing furnaces. These cooling tunnels have a combined heat load of 150,000 Btu/h. Fortunately, the CWE068 under these conditions has a cooling capacity of 180,000 Btu/h, easily meeting the current heat load and providing room for increased demand. A properly sized system is crucial to system success. Though it may be tempting to vastly oversize the system, that will only cause problems in the future. Proper system sizing is key to the long-term success of the cooling system.

To best accommodate varying flow rates, the CWE Series unit for this project includes a VFD process pump. The flow rate for the application can vary from as much as 10 gallons per minute to as little as 2, a range of 5:1! The VFD pump allows for a constant system pressure, regardless of the flow rate required, preventing over-pressurization of the tunnel cooling circuits. Variable speed control is not limited to the pump. In fact, the chiller condenser is equipped with variable speed fans that enable efficient heat removal while maintaining proper refrigerant pressures throughout a wide range of operating conditions.

Other notable modifications for this system include the ductable condenser fans. This feature exhausts heat outside of the facility or, if desired, recaptures it for winter temperature control. We like to build in energy saving potential whenever we can!

We at Chase Cooling Systems were so excited to be able to work on this excellent application and are proud to support the successful cooling of this process.