New Laser Series Chillers to Debut at FABTECH 2019

Chase Cooling Systems will exhibit at FABTECH 2019. This annual tradeshow focuses on the metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing audience. It seeks to be a “one-stop shop” where attendees can meet with suppliers, see the latest industry products, and find productivity-increasing tools. The convention will occur this year in McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois from November 11-14th.

This year at the show, Chase Cooling Systems will feature a unit from its newest chiller series, the Laser Series. Chillers in this series include features specifically crafted to be useful for industrial laser applications.

Standard features for these chillers vary by model and include a non-ferrous water circuit, VFD pump, and hot gas bypass valve. These design elements position the machine to provide constant water temperature without the risk of corrosion. The hot gas bypass valve allows for tight temperature control of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F), which can be very important for cooling laser applications.

Units in the series exist in three distinct configurations. Each arrangement focuses its cooling on a different element: the laser source, the optics, or both. Renderings of the three divisions can be seen above.

The unit on display at FABTECH 2019 will be model QBE014 LASER 2 LINES. This chiller contains two water circuits in a single machine. Each circuit can maintain a different temperature and separately cools both the optics and the laser source at the same time. Users can individually adjust the temperature for each circuit to ensure optimum operation of the laser optics and source. An electric heater also comes standard to maintain a set minimum temperature and avoid the problems associated with cold start-ups.

Units in the new series range from 0.5 to 7 tons of cooling capacity. Available sizes depend on required features and capabilities.

In addition to the new Laser Series unit, Chase Cooling Systems will display other chillers applicable to the metal industry in Booth A3105. There will be both a ACW dry cooler and a small QBS fluid chiller. A QBE unit featuring a NEW stainless-steel housing will also be present.

Visitors are encouraged to stop by Booth A3105 during the show to check out these units in person. Cooling engineers will also be available throughout the week to discuss specific cooling applications and answer any questions.

Free tickets are available to FABTECH 2019 courtesy of Chase Cooling Systems. Simply use the promo code: 16029733 or for quick registration, sign up here.

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