Here you will find interesting pieces on both process cooling equipment and how it is being used. There will be information about the products themselves, industry uses, and customer resources.

Yes, we are a provider of process cooling equipment, but we don’t plan to provide updates on just our own Chase Cooling Systems products here. Rather, we want to share how cooling equipment is being used in a variety of places. We want to showcase what industries are using it and what innovations exist. Through this blog, we hope to be able to make evident the huge role that process cooling has on most of our everyday products.

Everything from plastics production to craft brewing. Process Cooling is integrated into so many of our favorite products, and we at Chase Cooling Systems want to show you exactly its reach. Our goal for this section is to start conversations by highlighting process cooling in the everyday.

Please feel free to leave constructive comments and reactions to anything posted here. And if you think somebody you know might be interested in the content, then share share share! So for now, stay tuned and check in often until our next cool update.